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Experienced & Reliable Fabricators and Erectors, since 1965

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Muhlhauser Steel offers the experience, dedication, flexibility, equipment and manpower to assure that your project is fabricated and erected within budget and delivered to you on time.

You have the commitment of every employee that your project will be of the highest quality through our utilization of in house and outside resources.


We Build Projects That Last


We Offer a Range of Services to Meet All Types of Needs


Muhlhauser Steel utilizes the industry leading 3D modeling software, Tekla Structures. Tekla powers the construction industry by creating technology that increases performance, reduces costly errors, and promotes greater collaboration on projects. Tekla gives us the ability to benefit from reliable detailed and data rich structural models. With outsourcing and in-house detailing, we work smarter and more efficiently with a truly constructable BIM platform.


As we strive to be the best fabricator in Southern California, we heavily invested in a brand-new facility with the latest technology and machinery. Our state-of-the-art 40,000 sq ft facility was designed from the ground up, specifically for fabricating structural and miscellaneous steel. Our automated machine lines can process all materials directly from our 3D models. All holes, coping, layout marks, and material identification marks now take minutes instead of hours manually. By taking the part directly from the model it eliminates any human error or mistakes. Muhlhauser Steel has one of the most advanced fabrication facilities in Southern California, which allows us to meet deadlines with ease and deliver the highest quality craftsmanship.  All of these machines are still nothing without our highly skilled workforce that is part of the Ironworkers shop Local 855. Muhlhauser steel has been signatory to the 855 (formerly the 509) for over 40 years. From our machine operators, to layout fitters and welders, all of our shop employees are part of the Local 855. In addition to the strong union ties all of our welder are AWS certified.


Muhlhauser Steel is a signatory partner with Ironworkers Local 433. Ironworkers Local 433 was established in 1901 and represents over 5,000 ironworkers in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the surrounding areas. All of our field personnel have completed or are in the process of the apprenticeship program, which is a rigorous 4-year training program. With our highly skilled and trained superintendents, foreman, journey man and apprentices we make sure all projects are completed safely and on time.


With the construction industry becoming more customer service based with faster project demands, Muhlhauser Steel has adapted to include design assist and design build capabilities. It is a common practice for us to use our engineers and consultants to help expedite the deferred submittals, like stairs, railing, canopies and any other request. To help multiple projects raging from pharmaceutical to industrial, Muhlhauser Steel has been contracted early in the design process to help assist the general contractor and structural engineer of record with connections, material sizing, overall constructability, and value engineering.



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